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NEW!  AvaTax Adapter v1.2 - Updated 5/19/2008
Washington State businesses will soon be required to collect taxes based on ship-to destination of their taxable products.  This change implies a massive headache if you're not already setup with a product like Avalara's AvaTax SDK.  This web service product will validate addresses, compute taxability of invoice items, and return accurate tax results to your eCommerce application.

Click here to read more and download the free CFC connector >>>

We Bring Big Business Tools to Your Small Business

JDF Unlimited can help your small business.  From helping you form your new business idea, ecommerce enable your existing retail storefront, or create a new home for your established business on the web - we do that.  We are determined and focused on delivering strategic applications, web sites, and ecommerce solutions to give you an edge on the competition, improve the bottom line, or start an entirely new industry.

As a small business ourselves we know what you are going through.  Web "designers" are scattered all over after the dot-com implosion.  Over half can lead you to a runaway project with no end in site, and many others are good at one area and can't provide you with the complete package of services you need.  Our goal is to help you achieve your goals.  We have a variety of technology solutions developed over several years that can help your small business become big!

JDF Content Management System - We are proud to announce a select group of clients are trying out our new Content Management System.  This system allows editing of all standard page content on your web site, including images, from a web browser!  No more FTP, no learning HTML, and no calls to your web guy to post information.  Learn more at http://cmsdemo.jdfunlimited.com/.

JDF Shopping Engine - Used by several customers already, JDF's shopping engine integrates with Paypal, VeriSign Payflow, and your specific business needs.  Highly customizable this base code allows our developers to mold our system around your web site and business processes to create a seamless shopping experience.

Macromedia Flash - Often used in gaming and multimedia sites, Flash is becoming more widely adopted to help deliver targeted marketing messages and focus user attention to specials.  JDF Unlimited offers highly effective Flash development and authoring services at a very reasonable price.

Where to go from here?

If you were referred by a friend that has used our services, we thank them.  We advertise primarily by word of mouth - which is always the best in our opinion.  Whatever has brought you here, we hope you enjoy your visit and find our services useful.

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Site News

Please use this number for all your needs.

November 2005 - JDF Unlimited obtains Qualified Google Adwords Professional status.

October 2005 - This marks the one year anniversary of commercial CMS system development.

March 2005 - JDF Unlimited's CMS gains wide spread use in several vertical markets. Well received by all customers.

Dec 2004 - JDF Unlimited's Content Management System is in web accessible beta form.

Sept 2004 - JDF Unlimited announces it is developing an exclusive web based Content Management System.

July 2004 - Vonage Voice over IP system implemented for JDF Unlimited. If you'd like to learn more, please visit our Site News page.

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